Who am I?

My name is Jaron Tamam
I was born in the Netherlands on 20 march 1991
I am a Lightworker, Healer, and Shaman and many many more things.

Since a couple of years I am consciously on my spiritual path. I have been on the path of awakening my whole life, but now I am aware of the process. My whole life I have been looking for the meaning of life. I have always been different from my surroundings in the way I perceive human beings and the world at large. I used to be very good in changing my colors, so that others would not notice that I was different. I was so good in it, that I even forget myself that I was not standing in my own power. I was not aware of who I was and what I could offer to the world. Basically, my life was meaningless. Until I learned to give value to it.

My whole life I have been asking for the meaning of my life. life in general, who I am and what the essence is of the human being. I am a deep diver, which means that I dig deep into questions until I find an answer I can live with.

The question of who am I is eventually the reason why I started this website. It is the question that triggered my spiritual awakening and I was asking this question since I can remember.

I choose the name of the website ,Viva là Soul, because it describes my attitude towards life. In the end, we came here to celebrate life, not to suffer from it. Although there may be many moments of suffering. When these moments end, I forget, forgive, move on, get back on my feet and whisper to myself, Viva Là Soul; long live the soul.

I discovered that I am different from most people, because I am very sensitive. I see and feel things others might not notice. First it was a stumbling block, now it has become my power. I used to hide many of my talents in order to fit in. I used to hide my vulnerability, to appear like a “real” men. I used to hide everything of myself. Many things I even did not know about me, They were so called hidden talents. I got sick and tired of hiding myself. I had to go through many life lessons myself first to discover that I am good as I am. One of my biggest life lessons is to understand loneliness and separation. Therefor I can relate a lot to people who feel lonely and are considered outcast or different.

I have been searching for many many years what I wanted to do in life. I knew that a normal career would not suit me. There was only one thing I did know; the ecstatic feeling I get when I realise I have helped someone to discover their truth. I love it when people figure out their own hidden talents. Being there for others is one of my life missions.

Also, it is good to know that I am an ever evolving being. One day I am different than the other day. However, the core of myself, always stays the same. I am still learning each and every day.

I do have many writing styles and I’m still figuring out which style suits me most. Don’t take things I’m writing personal,  ever, seriously….. because they are not.  my right as a free spirit in a free world is to say whatever I want to say. I am a conscious being and I will write with and about consciousness and many other topics. If you disagree with me, start you own blog! 😉

My intentions are to inform, inspire, show different perspectives on things and to heal  those who feel drawn to this website or towards my services.

So relax, enjoy my posts in peace, and allow yourself to dis-cover all the beauty and magic that resides within you and in the rest of the universe!