Breaking habits for personal growth

It sounds so easy when someone tells you to change. It sounds so easy when you decide to change something about yourself. Especially now in these times, many people talk about it, though not everyone is willing to make the effort or knows how to.

Lately, I have been trying to break all my habits that have kept me in my lower vibration. Everything that is not helping me to make progress in life, I am banning it from my lifestyle. Smoking and drinking are just two examples of what i’m working on at the moment. I have figured out that smoking and drinking are not so much the problem. They are actually the solution for a problem that was hiding underneath. Smoking and drinking were the cure against my lower self-esteem. They were tools so I could hide from the real issues. I never had to face these problems, because I could lit a cigarette and drink a glass of cold beer and when it finished, i would order another one. Continue reading Breaking habits for personal growth

Lessons, not punishment!

If there is one thing that I have learned over the past years is that there is no escape from yourself. You can try to: run, find distractions, lose yourself, sabotage yourself in many ways. But if the universe wants you to learn a lesson. Believe me, you will learn the lesson. The most important thing to realize is that the universe is putting all these struggles on our path out of love. What do you mean? Out of love it makes my life miserable?! Well, basically, that is correct. What doesn’t kills you, makes you stronger and that is exactly the purpose of all lessons. To make us stronger than we think we are.

One who is willing to face his problems in his or her life, will be blessed with many gifts and talents. You work for the universe, so the universe works in your favor. It’s a good deal if you think about it. By working together with your spiritual team, you release weight from you energetical backpack. Together you heal past hurts and pains and you release all kinds of triggers and emotions out of your system. You literally rewrite your script of the new future you. This amazing process is for everyone who desires to do so.  Continue reading Lessons, not punishment!

Viva la Soul


There is a whole story behind why I started this blog. Years of preparation have come before I was able and aware of why I should write. And still sometimes I am in doubt about why I am doing this, although this feeling is slowly fading away from my emotions and thought.

We are all born on this planet not knowing what we do here. We don’t know who we are and we don’t know the purpose of our existence. Although many pretend that they know what they are doing. As children we play during our childhood, so it is not much of our concern. We go to school, learn what the teacher thinks is important for us to know and our parents teach us the values that they had learned from their parents. we Basically grow up in a system that tells us how we have to live our lives.

As a free spirit it is impossible to live up to the standards of society. Continue reading Viva la Soul