Sound healing session

Have you ever wondered why people become so happy from funky and ecstatic music? 

When we hear music we tend to start moving. We move on the beat or the melody and it makes us feel a certain way. Whenever we feel melancholic, sad music can do wonders to deepen the sad feeling. Until we had enough of the sadness and turn the music off. Usually our mood improves after 😉 On weddings or on funerals, the music is one of the most important ingredients for an successful event. On a party the DJ is the center of attention and a good DJ can alter the mood of the whole party. Many times after a concert we a joyful and free feeling. As if we are children again for a moment.

As you can see, music has a great influence on our well-being. It influences us on many emotional and mental levels. Also on a physical and energetic level it has a big influence on us. Music has the ability to change our moods. It can uplift us, it can bring us down, through music we can get in trance. Music can encourage us and it can motivate us to move forward or to dance. Simply said music has the ability to change our state of mind. It is therefore a wonderful tool to alter our reality into happy and joyful situations, without the use of any substance.

When you realise that everything is build up from energy. Than we have to talk in terms of frequencies and vibrations. Everything vibrates on a certain level. a color, a table, a spoken word, light, thoughts, your body and emotions, a tree, a dog. Everything that exist and even not exist, is vibrating a certain frequency. Every musical tone is a frequency on it’s own. It vibrates and when it gets in contact with a lower frequency, it simply transforms and uplift it into a higher frequency. Music is therefore one of the most powerful transformers of frequencies. The sound wave gets into contact with a lower frequency and brings it into a more harmonious one. 

I organise sound healing for people who want to optimize and improve their own life. I play an instrument called a Hapi hand drum. It has a very melodic, dreamy and magical sound.  The instrument transmits a very strong sound frequency that is able to clean, clear and transform heavy and lower energies into higher frequencies. 

During the sound healing session I guide you with my voice on a journey through your inner world. Mostly we work with a theme so we can stay focused on one subject. 

During the inner journey you can receive answers or insights on the topic. Or you can experience a deep and comfortable relaxation. It is also possible that more heavy stuff comes up to be cleared. You always receive a healing for the highest good. Which means that you always get what you need in that particular moment. Nothing more and nothing less.

The sound healing sessions that I am organising will be published on the Meetup app. So if you like to join please click on this link and become a member of the spiritual co creation group. Besides the sounds healing I also organize mini workshops and spiritual sharing circles. All events are being held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. So please join me whenever you feel like. I also do one on one coaching and advising sessions. So if you feel called. Please contact me. I do coaching sessions on a distance and also the sound healing can be done from a distance. So don’t hesitate if you’ve been guided towards me. I am happy to guide you to get in contact with yourself again. 

Many blessings,