Every day can be a party!

Every day can be a party, when you can dance on the tears of sorrow.
Every day is a party when you can be in the now moment.
Every day is a party when you can appreciate the simple things in life.
When you wake up in the morning, can you look at yourself, with honesty, in the mirror, valuing what you are and what you have in your life?
Even when you are ‘no thing’ or ‘some one’, is it not enough to know that you just exist? 

If you don’t need a reason to throw a party, then why do you need a reason to celebrate your life? 
You don’t need so much to start your party every single day. 

Every day is a party when you see the comedy in every tragedy, because even in  the most painful life-experiences there hides a little joke.
Every day is a party when you allow yourself to see what you already have, instead of denying yourself this pleasure.
Maybe you don’t have much, but when you can celebrate ‘not having so much, which is still something, the party can begin.

Maybe you only have a roof above your head, then set that roof on fire, so that everyone knows you are celebrating life.

Every day is a party when you know that death is nothing else than the opportunity to say: “see you at the next party”.
Nothing lasts forever, yet there is always a next time.
When you learn to see an ending as a new beginning,
the party can start again.

Every day is a party when you know that death is nothing else than the opportunity to say: “see you at the next party”.

And even on your worst days, and there could be many of them, 
there might still be a reason for celebration, 
because you know that the more joyful days will arrive soon enough. 

Maybe it takes time and yes, it could take effort. Even a tremendous amount of effort.
The realization that you can start a party by dancing in your own shit, is reason enough to start your shitparty.

Even when no one attends your party and you have no one to celebrate your life with,  rest in the belief that when you shine on your dancefloor, one day, someone will notice you and join you in your dance. 

Don’t you know that the sun always shines behind the clouds? Even on the darkest days? Know that there will be a time again that the power of the sun breaks through the clouds, and with the help of the wind, the clouds will always make room again for the sun to shine.

Be bitter, hate life, puke out your misery, feel the pain of life with your whole heart, with the whole of your body. Pull out every single hair on your head, it will grow back. Only by emerging yourself in the pain of longing, separation, of dissatisfaction, loneliness, hate, cruelty, torture, will you learn how to celebrate life every single moment. 

The opportunity to celebrate life, lies in every moment.
Every moment is new. 
This knowing that every moment is new, creates the opportunity to restart the party at any time. Morning, noon and night.

You ruin the party when you judge the experience of life with just ‘good’ or ‘bad’. 
You ruin the party when you let the outer world influence you too much.
When it rains,  sing joyful songs 
And when your clothes are soaked in water, once you’re home, you know you will dry. 

Don’t fear, because fear is a real party killer. Fear paralysis and stops you from dancing on the joy of life.

Just know that the power that wakes you up every single morning, to start a brand new day, is there to give you the opportunity to celebrate your existence again and again, until your last dancing steps on this earth. . 

And as long as you exist, and live a very “normal” day to day life, you have a reason to celebrate that you: Are, here, present, existing and experiencing life AS IT IS.
With the ups and the downs. With the pain and with the sorrow. 

Try to find joy in everything you do.
In this body you are only living once. 
Your body loves to dance, sing, jump, run, it loves hugs from the one you love, it loves to create and make new things.

Turn off the news, because it is not new!!!!

Celebrate you. celebrate that you can breathe. 
Celebrate that you are in this adventure
move slowly, no one likes a rushed party.
Celebrate that you can eat, 

The more you celebrate life, the more life will show you new reasons for celebration. 

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Jaron Tamam

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