When the truth comes out, evil must be faced! 

Many believe that evil is something far away.
Evil is something that happens in other countries,
Evil is something that happened in the past.
Evil is something that happens in movies, but not in reality.

The general approach to evil is usually something like this: “I can not see it and therefor it does not exist”. Yet, when men gets confronted with it, it is too much to handle so humans deny its existence. Humans now pretend to not see it and continue to act as if all is fine. 

Most people regard themselves as being ‘good’ humans and project this idea onto others and believe they are good too! It is therefore very hard to imagine that there are people out there who do evil by choice. Yet, they exist.

Evil is suppressed by political correctness, it is pushed back into the darkness, so it can hide and continue underground. When it is hidden, it seems that it does not exist. But this is far from the truth.
It is like a child hiding under the blankets. When the monster is not seen, the child believes the monster is gone.

It is a hard pill to swallow, to realise that intentional harm is done to others. Especially for those who try to do ‘good’. When evil comes up out of darkness into the light, most people dismiss is, disregard it as a conspiracy. They reject the idea that something so disgusting can actually exist. While this is very human and understandable, by denying something like this actually happens, we push the evil back to the darkness, to the exact place where it came from. Here it can continue to do what it always does. By denying evil, the evil is not gone. By turning our back towards evil, the evil does not turn its back to us. No it simply continues what it does, but with more secrecy and therefore it is harder to detect in the future. 

So what can be done when we are faced with evil? 
When we are confronted with something evil, the truth is that only compassion will resolve the issue. Only understanding for why the evil has been done, brings the light into the situation. It is very counter-human so to say. A solution very far away of how we handled things in the past. But how we handled things in the past did not work so much. If it did, one might conclude that evil would be gone by now. but the opposite is true. Intentional evil still exists and is done on a daily base. Yet, we act as if it is something far away in distance or from the past. 

We now live in times where the evil can not hide any longer in the darkness. It has to come out. It wants to be seen. The light is so strong in these times that there is no other way. We have to face our issues. We have to take full responsibility for what we all have created on this planet. It’s nasty, it is hard, it is disgusting… yet it is the truth of the world we live in. 

If we ever want to create a better future on this planet, we better embrace the darkness, we stop running from it, we stop hiding under the blanket and we stop pushing it back into the closet. It is time to face our reality as adults. The truth wants to come out! 

We don’t have to fight evil. We simply have to take a look at it and release it. This is easier said than done. For many internal resistance comes up. in order to look the evil in the eye, we have to come out of fear. We must accept its existence. We must know that it can do us no harm when presented. When we are neutral observers in the process of recognizing, it simply is. We don’t give it the power of our emotions. We don’t negotiate with it, we don’t poor our emotions in it. When we are neutral  in the process and see it for what it is, the evil can be released. 

This is a process. And it is a slow process. Yet one that can not be denied any longer. Evil wants to be seen and the warriors of today will clear it. Those who are not ready to wake up, will fall back into denial. That is just fine. Let them be. Those who are able to see the truth for what it is, will do the work… 

In the end there is more good in the world than evil. Therefor the future is bright! However, evil is part of reality, that must be faced in order to resolve the blur.  Stop denying evil and let’s clear this shit once and for all.

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Jaron Tamam

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