Does a dumb person knows he is dumb?

It would be logical to say that a dumb person does not know he is dumb, because he might not have the intelligence to know that he or she is smart.

Does a smart person knows then that  he or she is smart? 

This would sound more logical. Because we see a smart person as someone who posses a lot of information and therefor we see him or her as intelligent. So off course he would know then that he/she is smart. 

In fact I believe that there is no dumb and there is no smart. It simply does not exist. The only thing that does exist, is: Perspective. 

You could call someone who only sees from one perspective dumb, because he is not ready and aware to see and to open up to more realities that exist. The statement of ‘I believe only what I see’ could be called dumb, because this person is not willing or able to see things from another viewpoint. 

Someone who thinks of himself as smart, is in fact one of the dumbest (if there would be an hierarchy of dumbness). He or she THINKS and thinking is only ONE perspective of the many realities. It is actually so dumb to think that you are smart, because you are stuck in thinking and this limits you to see reality from other perspectives too. 

Now, we also think that being smart is good and being dumb is bad. One knows a lot and the other knows nothing. In reality both know, but from different levels and perspectives of reality. 

Calling someone dumb, because you think you are smart, makes you really dumb, because again, in this case you can only see from your own perspective. You are not willing to see the perspective of the “dumb” one in front of you. You lower yourself, by acting according to your own judgement. So it is a fact: calling someone dumb, makes you stupid. 

So what then is this concept of dumb and smart? 

I believe that we should measure smartness/dumbness in terms of being able to see and feel from as many perspectives as possible. Nowadays we masseuse these terms by the amount of knowledge and facts. And we automatically link knowledge to intelligence. However, knowledge as known by the mind, knows it’s limits. The mind cannot comprehend all realities.
It is the heart that is the key to other states of awarenesses. It is the heart that opens the door to different perspectives. 

There is one form of knowledge which is always based on so called facts. These we learn in school. (small minded)

There are many forms of intelligence and they are based on perspective. This we learn at the school of life. (open minded)

So next time think twice before you call someone else dumb. You actually make a fool of yourself, because you can not see from the other’s perspective. And this automatically makes you dumb, because of the one sided view.
Be smart and open yourself to new possibilities that exist.
Nothing what you see is what it actually is.

So, are you dumb or smart? I think everyone is actually both, but in different areas of our lives. Sometimes we are close-minded and on other areas we are open-minded. 

Writing about this topic is actually very dumb, because it might create the impression that I know what smart or dumb actually is. But in fact I don’t. Which makes me small minded again. I simply give my perspective on this topic.

What I see is that, we, people, judge each other constantly. Especially on the internet. Where we call someone with another worldview than ours dumb and our view on a topic is ,off course, always right. The critical mind, the conspiracy theorist is always seen as dumb by the mass, because the mass knows ‘the truth’, because they saw it on the television, right? 😉  (The same counts for the conspiracy seekers by the way, but they are functioning on the opposite side of the spectrum) 

So, maybe we can start to accept the viewpoint of the other.
By simply listening and seeing another’s point of view on reality. Which can be very interesting. 

So what are your thoughts on this topic? leave a comment and let’s start an open minded discussion on this topic. Together we can create an amazing world for ourselves where we accept all different viewpoints.
In the end there are ‘just’ perspectives.

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