Teachings from the wise green parrot

The city of Amsterdam is full of life. So many different animals are living here. For me it is a great pleasure to watch them being and doing their daily stuff. For me the green parrots is one of the most amazing and surprising animals that live here. It is obvious that they are not indigenous to this usually cold city. This little friend is a precious and unique messenger of the spirit world.

Many people hate them because they make a lot of noise. I love them because they are always “gezellig” as we would say in dutch. They always seem to have deep conversations. Usually they come in abundant numbers, hanging around in a tree. Thousands of them talking and talking in a bird language that we can not understand.

These parrots are amazing wise teachers. In fact: every animal has something to teach humanity. They are not just here to fly, eat and shit on your car. When I tune in they usually have something new to teach me. A new realisations about becoming my best version, or something about society. They always pop up in unexpected moments. Some days they seem gone, while other days they are countless in numbers.

These parrots are not here by coincidence. Birds and especially Parrots are masters in transformation. They are well known for being able to adjust to a new surrounding. This is how Charles Darwin came up with his theory of survival of the fittest. These tropical green birds have mastered themself, so that they are able live in a usually cold, wet and windy surrounding. They are therefor reminding and teaching us that nothing in this world stays the same. Nature is moving forward. Everything is changing. You either adjust with the tides of nature. Or, unfortunately, you will not survive.

The green color of this little friend is connected to the heart center. Some of the males have a red/black necklace. These colors are connected to the earth. They therefore remind us to love our stay on this planet. It is as if the earth hangs around our neck. We have no other choice than to ground to this planet. To love our planet and to take care of it with all of our hearts.

Many times when I’m too much in my head. And my thoughts are looping, this little feathered friend flies over in the sky to warn me. Sometimes i’m so caught up in my head, that I don’t even realise it. My thoughts are ‘parroting’ through my head and causes me to be ungrounded. The loud sound of the parrot reminds me to get out of my head and to connect with my heart again.

The tropical nature of this birds also reminds us that we are the one creating paradise, if we are willing to transform our habits, thoughts en egocentric self. They show us that paradise can be everywhere we wish, as long as we put the effort in it. Paradise is not a specific location. It is there where you choose to make it. And if circumstances don’t allow you to move, then it is the challenge to find paradise in your heart. Everything becomes possible when we start to master our animalistic instincts. It’s not easy and it demands a lot of work. But if a parrot can do it..so can we.

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