How winners become masters of themselves

The truth is that we are all winners in life. Even if we feel lost, we are actually winning. The universe does not recognize losers. They simply don’t exist.
From a human perspective losers do exist, because we judge each other based on what we think we know, or how we think something should be.
Seen from a higher perspective all situations and circumstances are aligned with a greater plan. Even those who do evil have a place in the universe, simply because the universe does not judge. Yes, God, higher power, or however you want to call it, has no judgment over the choices that humans make. This is hard to swallow for us human beings, because that would justify the most horrible and disastrous events in history.
Due to the system of polarity, one thing can not exist without the other. Everything has an opposite side. Yet the quantity is not always in balance.
The karmic system in our world pushes humans to do better. It is not there to punish people, because that would imply judgment. Karma is simply there to balance the acts of the soul. The reason that Karma works is that it teaches us that what we send out, will (eventually) come back to us. In this way humans learn empathy, compassion and forgiveness. This however can occur over the span of many centuries. So karma teaches patience too

When we clear karma, we become free of patterns in our life that keep us stuck. In the end all pain and suffering will be cleared and cleaned. When a karmic lesson is learned, the pattern is broken, so that the lesson doesn’t have to be repeated.
The work to break karma helps to release humans from their personal and collective suffering. A similar teaching that is from the the kabbalah is called tikkun atzmi (personal repairment) tikkun olami (world repairment). By repairing and bettering yourself as a human, you automatically repair a bit of the world. And when you do good for the world, you automatically repair a bit of yourself. When more human beings start to look within and realizing what we really are… And fulfill their mission. This world can actually look much more positive than what we know it today. Yes, it may take time and it even may take generations, but little step by step, we all move forward to a brighter future, as winners.

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