Written Meditation … Read slowly and Breath

How many more rounds do I have to walk
Before I finally catch my own tail
before I will say:  ‘enough now!’
enough is enough!
I am no fail.
And I am done fooling myself

Why all this suffering?
While I know peace
Why all the frustration?
While I know tranquility
Why all the confusion?
While I know….
How to break out the illusion

Why am I still fighting,
What for?
Was it worthy of my energy?
Has it opened a new door?
surrender the battle… and I lay down my arms
There is nothing to gain, nor to win
how do I expect something to grow when I chop it down,
even before the seed is about to sprout?

Being seperated from my divine self as result
Being divided within
Creating diffusion on the outside
back in the rollercoaster spin.
round and round
until I see.

For what I see,
is the result of what is present
inside of me

Being aware of what is going on
striving for better days to come
the past is gone.
Preparing to make space,
for  lightness to enter.
Embracing the shadow with a hug full off light

It’s only one choice away
Every time again
choosing to raise in union
or to fall back in seperation

Not as punishment, not to lose hope
Just to have some more time to study
again and again and again
there is no end to the cycle
that guarantees continuous growth.
no judgement
no right and no wrong
just the experience itself.
Allowing myself to make as much mistakes as necessary
before I fully embrace the light
before I am able to hold the intensity of the light
that is already inside my body

Ignite the flame in the heart
and let it burn
use the shadow as fuel for the light
making progress,
always moving forward
always going on

Coming back to myself
and letting the passion spark
for self, for life, for what is now
nothing more exists than what is now
And that is just alright
you are home now

There is nowhere I should go
There is no where I could go
all is here
In my body
inside of me

Tap into that space
and your world is yours,
to explore,
to enjoy,
really enjoying it,
not just saying it, or thinking it..
but really feeling it.
From the inside out.
That is how it works
And so shall I continue, until I am fully realizing
the divine spark of self,
that is present


Published by

Jaron Tamam

Read my blog to discover a part of who I am. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me on jarontamam@gmail.com

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