Creating a calm mind to find creative solutions within

When there is worry, there is fear involved.
If you experience fear, the mind is not calm.
Solutions to personal and global problems appear when the mind is calm.
Overthinking a problem, is the problem.
It is always based on fear and blocks the ability to receiving creative solutions.
The mind thinks it is finding solutions, but in reality it creates more worry,
which leads to new worries and more stress.
This is the pattern of the  worrying mind.

Meditation is a tool
To calm the mind and to sooth the worries,
To feel the connection in all of existence.
When we feel connected, there is less fear.
To be connected means that there is a form of love present.
When we are in the energy of love, fear and therefore worry can not exist.
So again: meditation is just a tool. It is not the goal.
There is no guarantee that when you do meditate, you will be in a 24/7 zen zone.
It does help though to become a master of the mind.
It helps to detach and to give a another direction to the ongoing thoughts.
Meditation helps you to become aware and with this awareness you can act in more efficient and effective ways.
Meditation is not a shortcut for the lessons we have to learn. Meditation is not the solution for the problems in our life. It is not the solution for inner/world peace.
It is just a tool to become more aware of the challenges we learn in life.

Yet, a worried mind will always find new worries.
In the bad times, but also in the good.
When things go as planned the mind worries like: ”do I deserve this? Am I allowed to feel so happy.
In times when things go bad, the worries are more like: Am I doing/being good enough? Am I being punished or maybe even cursed?
And one of the most famous questions is: Why is this (always) happening to me?

So, either way, the worried mind will find drama in any situation.

Drama is food for the worried mind.
and the other way around. A worried mind is always in need to feed itself with drama.
When there is no drama, there is a feeling of starvation.
This is in the beginning the biggest challenge of meditation.
The monkey mind will jump in all directions of fear, looking for attention.
Like a monkey looking for a banana it will search in all your pockets and bags to find its food. 

When suddenly you DECIDE to STOP the thoughts.
The mind thinks as if it’s dying.
But this is simply not true. You are still alive,
It is a dramatic response of the mind that wants your attention

And how does the mind gets your attention immediately? By simulating it is dying.
The mind is not used to the starvation of it’s basic food: thoughts
Sometimes, it is necessary to unfriend the mind, before you can become healthy friends again.

When you, however, do get to the point and the mind is calm
The empty space, of the former thoughts is now filled with awareness
In this state of being you can now observe the thoughts,
without getting attached.
No attachment to the thoughts means that you can ‘watch’ what happens.
What is being said in your mind?
What “voices” do you hear?
What do they “say”?
There is no need to talk back,
Though when you are observing the mind, don’t be surprised when you do get answers, on questions you have once asked.
The mind has the ability to translate what is already present.
It is capable of receiving solutions to all of our problems.
But in order to receive a solution.
A calm mind is necessary.

Worry leads to no solution, because there is no action involved.
Nothing changes when you worry
Nothing gets solved, when you only think about the problem, but don’t act
The mind will blame itself when it stops worrying.
The mind will try to gain control back by saying that you stopped caring.
This all false, because it comes from the same source that has created the worry in the first place.
It is untrue, because you can still care about a topic, without getting mentally and emotionally attached.
Without constant worry, you can take care of situations in better ways than just “thinking” how awful something is.
Creative solutions appear when the mind is tranquil, not when it worries.
So in a way you can say that the mind needs to find peace first in order to create peace after.

Don’t be surprised when one day the worries are gone.
And the mind looks again for attention.
Being comfortable with who you are, with the joy and with the fear
is the solution for a balanced and stable mind. 

It takes time to get to that point, It asks dedication, surrender, acceptance and even forgiveness. A whole list of ingredients that make it a real challenge to empty the mind, To accept what is there and to find peace between the different forces inside that are asking to be balanced. 

The Creation of a calm mind is real and possible
As an overthinker I speak from my own experience.
Calmness in the mind is not a permanent state of mind. At least not in the beginning.
It is a process.
It takes practice and time.
It is free and it leads to freedom.
And besides that,  the benefits are priceless

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