So… you write all these texts and publish them for your fun, but who are you men?

I do find it a challenge to talk about who I am with others. I do struggle to find ways to express the unusual things that happen in my life. Often I receive thoughts, ideas and realisations about things I could do to make this world a little bit more beautiful. Sometimes new ideas pop up in my head about creating pieces of art. I receive many suggestions, mostly in an instant, about life itself and about human behaviour. I see from some things why they are functioning in the they function. Often when I talk to people I just know the solution to their problems.  I discovered that I am a healer too. With for example a reiki treatment I can channel energies that are healing for body, mind and emotion. But as I already mentioned. I find it difficult to talk about it. and to express these things. So usually I shut my mouth. 

The truth is that this does not work for me anymore. My truth is that I have to share these visions and ideas with others, because they are in line with these times we are living in. Also because I feel guided and supported to do so. Yes that is a bit different than wanting to do it. What a part of me wants and what a part of me is doing is not yet in complete alignment with one another.  A while ago I had an insight about talent. I realised that a talent is not so much for yourself to keep. It is your gift that you can share with and for the other. Keeping a talent for yourself is off course an option and in some ways it is maybe necessary. But don’t you agree that when no one can enjoy your gift, that it might be a wasted gift?

Not all my work are masterpieces, nor is it my intention to create masterpieces. My intention is to inform, and to inspire. And by doing me, I really hope that you will do you. I believe that when everyone does himself, we do create a world filled with real and honest people. Where we can connect with each other and where fears are something of the past. I am living this kind of life myself, or better said, I am on this path of dis-covering all my fears and discovering all my gifts and talents. And I must say, it is true! It is real! It is possible! and I can see the difference between myself a couple of years ago and myself now. And yes I have lived in disbelief myself for a very very long time. I thought that the life I was living was meant to be like that forever. And it turned out to be that this was not true. I realised how limited our mind is. How it only can see what it knows and tends to disregards that what it doesn’t know. The universe pushed me to make changes in my lifestyle. Not always in my liking, but eventually it turned out that the universe was right, again. Damn it 😛

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