Inner guidance

Listen to your inner guidance,
because that is your only truth
There is no other truth that can lead to your happiness, your freedom and your path.
Others can open new perceptions, others are there to show you what you can’t see
but they are never more true than your inner guide.

Who is it that provides you with answers?
It is you, in another form

How reliable is this guidance?
It is as reliable as you trust yourself in human form

Can it ever be wrong?
No, but it can conflict with that what you expect from life

Do I have to listen?
That is up to you. you are free to choose

What is the purpose of this guidance?
To show and to guide you the way out of darkness and into the light

Is it easy to follow?
That depends on how good you can listen and how much you can surrender

How can I hear my guidance?
This is different for every body, with practice and patients anyone can follow this inner guidance

How does it feel to be directed by this guidance?
It feels as if you are walking blindfolded through an endless maze

Where does it take you to?
It will take you on an adventure called: life

Is there a way back once I start listening to this guidance?
Good luck navigating blindfolded back through the maze 🙂

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Jaron Tamam

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