Who wants to Meetup?

Facebook and Instagram are two wonderful tools to show the world what you like and through what lens you see the world. They are amazing tools to be up to date about the latest trends, hypes and news and it’s also a convenient way to stay in touch with people.
Recently I got tipped about this new app called Meetup that got me curious. Meetup is an app other than FB or Insta. Instead of showing others what you like or what you are doing, you can actually invite them into your world,Into your hobby, or interest and do it together with them. I’ve found out that it is a beautiful way to connect with people from all different kind of backgrounds. There are so many things you can join. F.E. There are book clubs, movie clubs, Sunday morning breakfast clubs, dancing events, sharing circles, board game meetings. You name it and it’s probably there.

From the day I installed the app, I have met a wide range of beautiful people. A whole new generation is rising where people put their phone and laptop aside for a moment and really go out to connect and meet with new people.
They do fun things, learn new skills, or just share their presence with others. Meetup is in my opinion the future. It is the absolute and perfect combination of social media en being social yourself. This is where the online and the offline world meet.
Meetup is the opportunity to get out of the comfort zone, to rise above the anxiety that many of us have created and to start a real and fulfilling social life again.
I have started a couple months ago to host events. I organise sharing circles about spirituality where a group of strangers come together, share about their experience, meditate, create an lovely atmosphere and leave after two hours as friends. It has brought me so much joy to organise, that I have also started to host soundhealings. Where I play on a small hand drum and guide people into a deep meditation/relaxation. During the guided meditation the participants have reported to really get in touch with their core self and values. This has helped some to grow further and to understand themselves on a deeper level. Besides all this I also started to give mini workshops about spirituality. Where I teach about different topics.
For those who have some talent to share or already give workshops, I can really recommend using Meetup. It is such a pleasure and a blessing to have this app where you can create your own groups that people can join.
If you are interested in learning about yourself, life, meditation, spirituality, or you are just open minded towards other possibilities and realities of life, then I invite you to join my spiritual co creation group on meetup. I also invite you to attain one (or more) of the wonderful evenings full of fun that we together create.
Hopefully I meet you soon,
Many blessings!

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Jaron Tamam

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