The beauty of life lessons

The profound life lessons we are learning are not so much written in words, nor can you find them in books. Although many have written about them in books. The wisest lessons we are learning, so that we can grow on a human level,  are from the interaction with others. It is in the difficulty and in conflicting situations that we start to think about how things could be different. Only when life becomes uncomfortable, we start to invent these creative solutions. It is quite interesting to notice that when things seem ok, life seems to stagnate. The opposite is quite true. The feeling of ‘nothing ever happens in my life’ could be a trigger to make different choices again, so that things start to flow. After all, Why should you move if all is right? 

The Universe, God, Source, is so magnificent. It is so beautiful to witness how everything fits like a perfect puzzle. How we all learn our lessons without being interfered in our free will. It is so so beautiful that indeed there are no words left for besides that there is a huge power that loves us so dear. It loves us so so much that it provides for us, it cares about us. And yet, when we are disconnected from the source, it can seem as if god hates us. That he/she has left us. That we are on our own. In the darkest moments of our lives we feel so alone, isolated and empty. Not because source has abandoned us, but because we didn’t allow it to reach us anymore. It is our challenge to keep ourselves open to this light. And when we lost the connection for a while, it is up to us to find this light again. Sometimes it can feel as a game to find the light-switch in a darkened room. When you think you found it, you switch the light on and it is bright again. Though after a while the switch goes off and at the same time it moves to another place in the room. The search to the light has begun again. This game continues until you have learned your most important life lessons. 

Have you ever wondered if the misery in your life has a purpose? Do you believe that you go through different tests? If you do, than know that you are not alone on this world.  You are never alone and you have never been. Know and feel in your heart the great support that is with you. (Yes! the force is with you!! ALWAYS) Forget for a while what you know about the dogmatic god. The angry one from the religions. The god I am speaking about is a part of you. It is a creative force that hides within you. and you resides within it.  If you do feel that you are being left alone, then see this as an obstacle on your road that needs to be cleared. Once it is cleared you will be able to feel the love of god inside of you. Because you know, the love of our creator is not exclusive to one person or one organisation. It is a very personal and individual connection and bond that you can build. The law of free choice dictate though that you have to reach out first. Ask and you shall receive. Believe it and it will be so. Have faith and many blessings!  

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