You are more special than you think!

The idea that spirituality is only for a select group of people stems from very old ideas about who was able to serve god. These ideas are still imprinted into our consciousness. When we have a religious or spiritual problem we go to our priest, rabbi, imam, guru, shaman, psychologist, for a solution. You tell them your story and you expect that they will come with an suitable answer. This is what they have studied for. It is their job.

The middleman is supposed to be the translator, the communicator between you and the divine. And it is true. Some people are better in making the connection than others. Some people have this gift, while others have many other gifts. Thank god these people are here to help others. Thank god these humans exist and offer their help so that the symbolical, universal language becomes understandable in human language. When spirit communicates with us, it could be through metaphors, symbols and dreams, but also through thoughts, feelings and visions (and many many other ways). When you really need to receive a message, you will receive it through the channel that suits you most. Eventually you will understand the message.

Most of us have been brought up with the idea that god is somewhere outside of us. The he is far away from us and very big and therefor we are small. This is only half of the truth. Because the other half is hidden within you. You are the other half of the truth. The god that you are looking for outside of yourself, is also inside of you! This paradox must be believed, accepted and integrated before it becomes active into daily life.

I realise more and more that spirit does not make a mistake. We might perceive things as a mistake. It is only because we don’t want to see the real reason. Often we are not even shown the real reason, because it does not matter from a higher perspective. We want to know, but sometimes it is better not to know. To find out the harsh truth of something, can be quite traumatic. God is like a loving parent that hides the painful truth for his children. You don’t want to bother your children with problems or worries that they can not understand or solve.

Though, once the children grow up, they start to ask questions to their parents. What the !@# is all this life about? Why are things the way they are? Why do things work in this way, but not another, even though I see a more efficient way. Why are things so complicated, while it could be so simple? In many cases the parents have no idea why things are as they are. This is what they know. This is how they were brought up too. They don’t know any other possible way. They can’t give the child a feeling of reassurance. So the child feels alone and misunderstood.

After a long search for answers, the child comes back to the point where it started. With him/herself. It realises that the whole journey was about finding himself. It was about finding god within himself. Now it knows where and how to find god in himself. It knows where to find answers. He/she knows that If he wants to know stuff, he needs to be at the source and not at the extension of that source. The extension misunderstood some things along the way, while the source knows in it’s essence.

On my Journey I have found out that everybody has a connection with the source they came from. Every individual has a special line with the divine, with god, with their source.  No matter what someone has ever told you. You have a special connection with the creator.  Talk to it. Call him out loud or in your thoughts. It doesn’t matter how you visualize it or what it’s name is. It does not care. All it does care for is that you pick up the phone and make that call. That’s all. What you’re saying doesn’t matter. How your saying it doesn’t matter. Just call god.

We were brought up with the idea that we need someone else to understand certain things. Once you realise that this is a lie, you  can work on you own connection. It takes time, pain, effort and dedication to establish this private connection between you and the divine. And yes, others can and will help you to find and establish this special bond. But you have to do it on your own. When the connection is established you are more open to see true beauty in your life and to experience joy in simple things.

If you become dependent on the other for answers and if you are addicted to the help of the other, you won’t be able to heal the connection. The other is able to help you up to a certain point. But in the end it is you who will heal all your problems from the roots. No one else can do it for you, but yourself. And you can do it because you are more special than you think!

I am here to offer my help to those who feel lost, who forgot the number to dial, like I used to feel lost once. I am here to find your strengths within. I can guide you, with the help of god, to your own strength. I am here to help, to recognize and to find your talents that are hidden within you. I am here to help and hold your hands until you are able to walk alone. I am here for you. I can’t heal you, I can’t do the work for you. I can just simply be there for you.

Have a wonderful day!



Published by

Jaron Tamam

My name is Jaron Tamam I was born in the Netherlands on 20 march 1991 see 'Who am I' on my website to read my story

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