Two Shoes from the Cat Empire: a hidden perspective!

One of the things that makes my life worth living, is music. I wake up with it, I listen music while biking, when I am alone and when I am with friends. When I am sad and when I am happy. While partying and while working. There is always music in my life.

My taste of music is quite broad and that is why I’m so much in love with the music of The Cat Empire. They’ve mixed up many genres, tunes, instrument, styles in a miraculous collection of songs. Personally I believe they are geniuses. Their Funky sounds and their great melodies always give me a lot of power and energy.  The words of their songs always teach me some kind of wisdom. When I hear a tune I can’t help myself….I just need to move.

I have to admit. The first time I’ve heard a song from them I was not convinced. I could not understand their music.  I was simply not ready for it. Luckily, today I can handle their happy, uplifting, tunes.

One day, it was on the beginning of my spiritual awakening, I was listening to the song Two Shoes. I started  to focus on the words and suddenly I understood a deeper meaning. I had never experienced such a clarity about a song before. It was as if I was listening to two songs at the same time. There is a deep wisdom hidden in many of their songs. Profound Life teachings are hidden beneath a funky tune. I have to admit that I did not notice the esoteric meaning for a long time. Eventually I discovered that in most of their songs there is a deeper, hidden truth.

Art can mean something else to each individual. That is what I believe is the definition of art . It makes you think, it opens up something within you. Everyone can relate in his or her own way to a particular work. Everyone has a different perspective and sees something else. Because everybody experiences something different, it is exciting to share perspectives with one another.

I want to share my interpretation of the music, because for me it added so much value to this song and band. They share spiritual messages and truths in their happy, jumpy music and I believe that they are inspired by spirit. Sometimes artists, musicians, poets and writers are not aware themselves about the deeper messages they share through their works. With the Cat Empire I think they know, but they never speak about it (for as long as I know). Which makes them humble as people too. Amazing music and humble personalities = an angelic combination.

So here is my interpretation of the song Two Shoes by the Cat Empire.

One day one woman asked him
“what do you to survive?”
He said ‘oh my dear listen here
And this is what he cried
On my feet I wear two shoes for dancing
“dancing to be free”
My feet they’re paying tribute to
The Bobby Marley legacy
For me the whole song is about the process of a spiritual awakening.
What do you to survive? is a very broad question..I know ;).
In my interpretation the question means how do you survive the intense feeling of energy [a spiritual awakening is often a very blissful period, though quite intense] He starts to explain what the awakening is all about for him, while crying of happiness. Waking up feels like pure bliss. 
(The man explains that he dances to be free. It is a spiritual truth that dancing sets our soul free. We can literally enter trance state by dancing. He dances to the Bob Marley legacy. The legacy Bob Marley gave the world was a vision. Bob was a Spiritual teacher with a guitar. His vision for humanity was one of peace, love for Jah and love for each other and the planet. He sung about the end of the ongoing rat race where money was/is our God.)
My knees they got some cuts and bruises
From skating all my days
‘Cuz when I skating with my friends
My troubles drift away
I say my legs they’re wearing baggy pants
I like to move around
Cuz getting down and jumping up
These are some good things that I found
He is practicing his passion. And yes, that hurts from time to time. He falls on his knees but he gets up. It is the path of success. But when he is with friends, he does not think about his troubles.
He found out that moving his body (on the music) and being on the move is one of the secrets to a fulfilling and happy life. In order to manifest something it is important to keep the energy moving by our actions. 
Boom shak the empire be rising
Boom shak we making some loving
Boom shak the greedy men running
Boom shak got two shoes for dancing
My waist it’s got a slinky belt
With a clip that’s quick to open
Because loving is the sweetest thing
And from my waist it happens
And my stomachs got some tasty food
That’s making me feel good
Cuz sharing some meals is something
I wish the world could do
The men explains that the loving vibes are the sweetest things he knows. From the waist it happens is where the Kundalini energy rises. When the kundalini awakens from the root chakra you feel some sort of blissful, ecstatic love. 
And my chest it wears a singlet
Ah my chest it beating proud
My chest suggest I am a man
That no institution can knock down
And around my neck is superstition
Hanging from a chain
Because I got my gods but in the end
I make my own way
His chest is his hart and his hart is telling him his truths. His chest is his intuition it is the connection to his higher guidance.  1) he can be proud of himself. 2) he is a human being that has no authority above him but himself. He is absolutely free and protected.
He wears a talismans around his neck (stone, symbol). He has his spirit team around him (his gods) but in the end he makes his own way; he has the support of the universe but he is free to do whatever he chooses to do with his life. 
My mouth it’s got a great big smile
That shows some great big teeth
To friends it brings a happiness
And to enemies it brings defeat
And my eyes they’ve got some vision
That can see through many lies
Well my eyes they look for better things
The better things to see in life
He is so happy that he woke up that he walks with a huge smile on his face. His friends appreciate his high, happy vibrations. But the enemies [those who tried to control him and negative people in general] can not appreciate it. They feel threatened. Which is a result from his light that dispels their shadow. 
He is referring to the 3rd eye where he got a vision, because that is where visions are seen. The 3rd eye also looks through the lies of society, humans.
with “WELL, my eyes”  he refers to his regular eyes that tries to see the best in life even though he sees pain/lies. He is committed to see the positive in life. 
And my ears are wearing head phones
That do play my favourite songs
Not music I’m told to like
But the songs that make me dance along
Cuz on my feet are shoes for dancing
‘dancing to be free’
My feet they’re paying tribute to
The Bobby Marley legacy
He listens to music that he selected and is uplifting, that makes him happy and dance along. Not music that has been selected by a group of people that repeat continuously the same songs on the radio. He is a happy and free human being now that pays his tribute to the music and teachings of Bob Marley by living the life he wants for himself.
What do you think about this hidden meaning? Let me know in the comment box below!

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