What does it mean to be a free human being?

When we talk about being a free human being it is often mistaken with doing whatever comes up in your mind. To follow any impulse of the mind means for some humans freedom. The definition of freedom is therefore quite broad and for someone who has never given it a second thought it is quite vague as well. What is this freedom that we all crave so much?

Freedom is abstract. And anything that is abstract needs some extra time to be understood.

Real freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. Someone who is not willing to take responsibility over his actions and behaviour is not a free man. He is simply living in his own illusion that he is free. Yes, the mind is always tricking us into believing we are free, even when we are not.

To be free, means that you are free to choose. To be really free means that the choices you make, become conscious choices. When you consciously choose, you are on the path of freedom. The freedom we desire is not something acquired overnight. It’s in fact a though path. With every choice you make or didn’t made you get confronted with the results too. action – reaction. The difference now, is that you are aware of everything.

The path to freedom is a path for the brave. The path of freedom is one you mostly walk alone and blindfolded, for you do not know what you carry with you. You do not know where you are going exactly. Becoming free of your burdens, means you have to deal with all the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical luggage that you carry with you or have taken on you to carry. Along your life, this backpack has to get lighter. If you want it or not, it is the essence of your existence. It is one of the things we came here to do. Therefor it happens while breathing. If you aware of it or not, doesn’t matter. What does matters is that the energetical luggage gets lighter. In the backpack you carry a lot of weight that is not only yours. Since everything is connected, you do carry energies from your family and of the collective too.

To be a free human being means that you must have a basic understanding of who you are. What is yours and what is not? Which thoughts are yours and which opinions have you adopted from family members, friends, teachers or society? which emotions are produced by you and which emotions are taken from others? How do you know what is true for yourself? You can know your truth when you feel into your truth. When it feels right. Most of the time it is right.

In order to follow your feelings one must trust as well. Whenever you live in any fear or in to much doubt, you are not free. You are limited in your own abilities and automatically bound by the fears.  

Freedom is for those who are ready to discover themselves. Freedom is the truth of your being. Freedom is therefore only found within yourself. To be free means you become a new human being. A free human is a leader, because it has stopped following others. It might not know where it is going, but it knows that it going forward. Each human being is basically on his own path to freedom. Everyone in his own phase, everyone on his own speed.

In the end; our whole life is about raising vibration. It is about making choices that ultimately lead to the freedom we so much crave. All the lessons and obstacles on our path are there to overcome. By making conscious choices we learn what is beneficial for us and what is not. In this way we find our own voice.

When we discover that which keeps us separated from our freedom, we become awakened. And a new human being is born.

If you are feeling stuck on your own journey and could get some extra help, do not hesitate to contact me. Together we can see where the blockages are. I am walking this path myself and I know where I can be of help. So don’t be shy. I am here for you.

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Jaron Tamam

My name is Jaron Tamam I was born in the Netherlands on 20 march 1991 see 'Who am I' on my website to read my story

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