Your heart knows your path

Everything is always easier said than done. This is very true for the spiritual path too. How many times haven’t I said to myself: “there you go, you’ve arrived to happiness. As if happiness is some sort of train station where you can step off and where you can walk through Happyland. The ego system always amazes me. Sometimes, I wish I could drown my ego, because it can be a pain in the ass, a real burden between what I’m saying I want and what I actually do about it to achieve my goal. But now I’m slowly learning to embrace my ego, in order to make it a part of me that completes my being.

Many times the ego voice tells me something and in reality it turns out completely different. The ego speaks in terms of fear and failure. It want’s to protect the wounds inside of us. It keeps us away from potential hurt and pain. Really, a healthy ego only wants the best for you, but it is still blocking you to step outside of your comfort zone. Everything that is comfortable, stagnates. That is what the ego knows to do. To protect you at all costs. The soul on the other hand consist of pure love and doesn’t know fear, because it knows it is eternal.

I have learned that, if you want to master your ego, it is important to make a daily connection with your heart. When you focus your thoughts on your heart, you redirect your attention towards it. And since we are only able to focus 100% of our attention on one task at the time, your thoughts automatically stop. This is a daily practice and won’t change overnight, however in time it will get much easier to switch. The mind=ego equals fear. The heart=soul equals love. When we do, say, feel things from a place of love, eventually everything will work out in the best way possible.

So whenever you want to connect to the true version of yourself, you quite literally have to listen to your heart. It sounds cliche, but when you do listen to your heart, you are connected to your intuition and you will get the answers you were looking for. Whenever you act from a place of love, the outcome will be so to.

Eventually there will be a day where the train stops at a location called happiness. It is a logical result of all the inner work. The problem is that the ego doesn’t like change, because it likes comfort. (change is mostly uncomfortable because of the ego struggles) so it prevent it by sabotaging our growth. Our ego mind is unable to see how much weight it is carrying in it’s own backpack. It’s like that spot on your back that’s very hard to scrub, when it’s itching, you will need another person or god to make the annoying itching stop. The ego is not able to turn its eyes and see what is in the bag.

Happiness is not a goal to reach, although I believed so for a long time. Happiness is like i said a logical result of the inner work. Less heavy energy is simply more joy. You’re either sad or you’re joyful. It’s pretty hard to experience these two emotions at the same time (it it possible though).

So don’t worry if you believe that you have arrived at your destination, but you figure out later that you haven’t. That is why we are advised to enjoy every single moment. Often we loose track of our path and we simply don’t see that there is much more work to do. These are just test of the universe to stretch out certain lessons. To show us of how much more we are capable. When we think we are strong now, the universe shows us we are even stronger. When you think you’ve had a lot of patience, Guess what!? you have even more patience inside of you. In hard times turn towards your heart. It is the only place where you can enjoy the complete serenity of silence. Where your crying is being taken seriously. nothing has to happen and there is nowhere to go. These are just a couple lessons from the heart, that your heart can teach you as well.

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Jaron Tamam

My name is Jaron Tamam I was born in the Netherlands on 20 march 1991 see 'Who am I' on my website to read my story

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