Lessons, not punishment!

If there is one thing that I have learned over the past years is that there is no escape from yourself. You can try to: run, find distractions, lose yourself, sabotage yourself in many ways. But if the universe wants you to learn a lesson. Believe me, you will learn the lesson. The most important thing to realize is that the universe is putting all these struggles on our path out of love. What do you mean? Out of love it makes my life miserable?! Well, basically, that is correct. What doesn’t kills you, makes you stronger and that is exactly the purpose of all lessons. To make us stronger than we think we are.

One who is willing to face his problems in his or her life, will be blessed with many gifts and talents. You work for the universe, so the universe works in your favor. It’s a good deal if you think about it. By working together with your spiritual team, you release weight from you energetical backpack. Together you heal past hurts and pains and you release all kinds of triggers and emotions out of your system. You literally rewrite your script of the new future you. This amazing process is for everyone who desires to do so. The universe (or whatever you believe) is always showing us our weak points by creating outer circumstances that are reflecting what’s missing inside of us. It sends people on our paths that mirror certain behavior back to us for where there is a need of healing. Spoiler alert!!! When you find a certain characteristic traits annoying in somebody else, there is always a lesson for you there to be learned. Yes! whenever you want to work on yourself, you must be 100% honest with yourself. Self-reflection is necessary because our ego is not able to enlighten itself. It needs light from Source to dis-cover itself. So when we are taking a look at our self, instead of pointing our fingers outwards, we have to take responsibility for ourselves. And this is a key secret in becoming the best version of ourselves.

When you accept this way of how things work in life. You can see the beauty in all though situations that appear in our lives. To process of learning a lesson continues again and again until we understand, realize, learn, heal and integrate the lesson. Yes, from our perspective much of the lessons are very painful. They are hard to deal with because we miss the bigger picture. We can not see why we have to go through such a hard life. We see things as punishment instead of  a lesson. This attitude makes it even harder, because there is more resistance against the learning process. Especially in the Western World we lost contact with our intuition and therefore our  inner guidance. This makes it harder to navigate through life.

But the good thing is, once you find the voice of your intuition back, you will be able to connect all the dots and links. In order to find this inner voice back, it is necessary to isolate yourself from the world. For me this was one of the hardest things to do. It felt so uncomfortable in the beginning to be isolated. I thought I was missing all the fun, that my friends did’t like me anymore, I felt lonely, rejected, not good enough and many many more emotions that came up during my alone times. In the weekends I would see my friends and all was well, but when I was on my own, my mind told me all kind of stories that made the healing process harder. To be in the middle of this process feels like you go through your own hell, but when you’re stepping out of it and you know you have healed, you can not stop giving thanks to the universe.

At some point you notice that you have acquired more tools, more wisdom and more awareness to go through the next lessons. The way lessons appear is different for everyone. Some learn fast and others like to do it slowly. Once you start, all is well. Because you get exactly what you need and when you need it.  Life simply becomes smoother and you will start to enjoy to ride the waves of life. Sometimes life is fun and sometimes it is not. But you won’t take it all so seriously anymore. When you are centered and grounded, you will win the game called: life. Your bad days now will become your good days. Is that not a beautiful goal to work for?

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Jaron Tamam

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