Viva la Soul


There is a whole story behind why I started this blog. Years of preparation have come before I was able and aware of why I should write. And still sometimes I am in doubt about why I am doing this, although this feeling is slowly fading away from my emotions and thought.

We are all born on this planet not knowing what we do here. We don’t know who we are and we don’t know the purpose of our existence. Although many pretend that they know what they are doing. As children we play during our childhood, so it is not much of our concern. We go to school, learn what the teacher thinks is important for us to know and our parents teach us the values that they had learned from their parents. we Basically grow up in a system that tells us how we have to live our lives.

As a free spirit it is impossible to live up to the standards of society. You see the wrongs of our society, the fake masks people are wearing, the hidden agenda’s, double standards, the hidden intentions behind politics and people. You have the feeling that you want to change something in the world, but you don’t know where to start. This was at least my case. I wanted to change the whole world, but only the thought about it made me dizzy. The task was to big, so I froze for years, Not knowing what to do with my life. (only years later I realized how ignorant this idea was 😉 )

It was until I asked for help, that my life started to change. Suddenly is saw these little coincidences around me that were guiding me on my path of awakening. I started to learn how to meditate by looking up guided meditations on YouTube. Within no time I was able to hold a decent meditation. It gave me so much power to sit in this silence that I made a vow to myself (the first one in my life) to make it a daily practice. and so I did.

Through meditation I’ve  learned to dis-connect from my body, from my thoughts, emotions, society, I learned how to connect with my true Self. my Soul. I noticed how much more relaxed I became, no worries running through my head anymore, no more drama, no more panic attacks, I was able to control my thoughts. This was the beginning of my path. Like with every learning experience for humans, it comes with many lessons. One day things run smooth and the other day we find ourselves in our own created hell. Through meditation I’ve learned how to work on myself. I’ve learned to bring in more light into my life. To ease my emotional luggage I was carrying with me.  How to change my reaction on outer situations and to spot triggers. I’ve learned how to master my emotions and thoughts so I’m not driven anymore pure by impulses. I’ve learned so much more, but I think you understand now how important meditation is for humans;).

In the end it is not meant to become saints, or perfect. It is our goal to become a better version of ourselves. Yes, there are many versions of you and once you awaken, you will become aware of yourself and your behavior. Once you know this little secret, live becomes a game. It is about realizing who you really are. About what role you are fulfilling in this world.  Once you are aware, Things don’t overcome you anymore. Instead of asking why does this happens (only) to me (victim mind), you will ask yourself: ‘what can I learn from this situation’. By changing perspectives, you change the way you react to the world and by changing this , the reaction of the world changes towards you. Suddenly live becomes fun! because you know that you outer reality is just a reflection of that what happens inside of you. You will see that most things happen with a reason and that there are learning lessons behind them for you. This is when you start growing and you will dis-cover the meaning of your life and of your existence.

Yes! I started to realize that if I wanted to change the whole world. I must change myself first, because I am the only thing I can control. By changing me I inspire other people to do the same. There is seriously nothing special about me. What I achieved, many others did and so can you too.

Bliss will fill your hearts when you are connected to the source and you will smile, This is why I created this blog. To share the secrets of the universe with those who are ready. It won’t be always easy, I had very, very though times. though afterwards you forget about the past and you will grow lighter and therefor you will experience more fun and magic in your life. And there will come a day that every morning for the rest of your life you will wake up, smile and shout!

Viva la soul, Viva la soul 🙂

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