Wake Up!!

Psssst. Wake up!! Wake up!! It’s time now. A bright new day, a bright new world. You can open your eyes now.
I hope you slept well
I hope you had sweet dreams

Open your eyes! Look around, what do you see? Can you see it?
It’s right there in front of you! 
Can you feel it?
It’s everywhere!

Did you have a bad nightmare? Wake up! It’s over now. It felt so real, right? Were you afraid? It’s allright, you survived. You fought so hard. You won, you won! Open up! A fresh start is ahead of you. Get up. Stand up! Clear your eyes!
Open your heart. It’s safe, you are safe..

You’ve made it! Are you ready for change? Do you already have an idea what you were looking for? Do you understand what everyone is searching for? Do you realise now what our heart desires?

It’s right here! Right in front of you. It’s inside of you! It’s everywhere… See the beauty,
feel the beauty of everything and you will know what you are looking for.
It’s eternal, it’s grand, it’s huge!! And still so small.
It exist only for those who look for it. Who are making the effort to find. Not outside, but inside. Not there, but here.

Don’t waste your time by searching for The Garden of Eden. It’s not a country. It’s not a continent. It’s not a place. Paradise is not found after dead. The Garden of Eden is THIS whole planet earth and everything that exist, in, on and around it!!!! It is a state of mind of how we perceive this world. Look how beautiful everything is, see how special the threes, the animals, different kind of people are. It exist for us. Is that not love? Do you feel the love?
We got ”kicked” out, because humans allowed their ego system to take control over their mind. And therefore people became egocentric. The ‘I’ within us does only serve itself (over the back of others). Yes, even if that means the dead of another human being or nature.
This system was necessary to experience the pain, the suffering and to come to the conclusion that this might (after all) not be the life that we want to live. We do have another chance NOW. And we do receive a new fresh start NOW. And here we are! On the beginning of a brand new world. But it is you and you alone who can make this happen for you and therfore for us!

Do you not want to wake up now? It’s oke! It is very oké! Go back to sleep. I hope you have wonderful dreams. You too, are a child of this world. Snooze the alarm. Your time will come,
Your time will come whenever you are ready.
Take your time. No worries, no rush. It’s allright, because one day you will see,
you will see.

Published by

Jaron Tamam

Read my blog to discover a part of who I am. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me on jarontamam@gmail.com

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